July 9, 2008

Pet Wilderness 

Following is a list of practical items to pack on your trips. Store these items out of the sun in waterproof packs or bags, clean tackle boxes, or similar latching boxes. Out on the trail, carry only emergency items like an extra leash, bandages and tape, and tweezers. Don’t forget to pack drinking water and snacks for your pets, too! Leave the rest stored safely back at camp or in the car.

Sample First-Aid Kit
Gauze bandages and pads
Wide bandage tape, preferably waterproof
Scissors, tweezers, and pliers
Antibiotic cream or ointment, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
Shampoos for skunks and poison ivy/sumac contamination
Thermometer (protect from excessive heat)
Instruction sheets from your veterinarian with clinic and emergency telephone numbers

Your Dog’s Suitcase
Dry food in waterproof, airtight containers
Safe drinking water (do not drink ocean saltwater or creek water)
Extra snacks for strenuous days (like cow ears)
Prescription medications (take enough supply for at least three or four extra days)
Extra leashes and collars
Identification tags with current address and phone, current rabies tag
Blankets and towels
Brush and comb
Spray bottles for water and rubbing alcohol (To cool your pet off, use alcohol on foot pads, water on the face and body. Label bottles clearly.)
Favorite toys and chew bones