September 30, 2008
dog shedding

 Dogs have been a reliable household buddy for ages and almost every family in town has one. Perhaps one of the reasons why the few others who resist in keeping dogs as pets is hair shedding that has been a common concern among pet owners. Though common, this does not really impose any threat to the family, unless they are very particular about tidiness around the home or members of the pack with allergies.

Setting aside these concerns and focusing on how to treat hair shedding among dogs, it can all be taken care of. By simply using proper tools to brush your dog’s hair makes it all better. It is advised that you really shouldn’t start to this healthy grooming habit as soon as you see some pile of shedding hair on the carpet, sofa, or rug… you can start early. Preventing shedding is a much better practice that keeping it off your dog’s hair. The furminator is one particular dog brush that can help you up with the task.

When taking your dog for a bath, it is always best to apply shampoo but not just any type of shampoo. The shampoo manufactured in markets for human use has a different PH balance which can be harmful for your K9 buddy thus allowing moderate to excessive shedding. Buy the ones that are really meant for dogs. Talking about the bathing water, hot and cold does no good so use tepid temperature water.

After giving your pet some pet bath, don’t just let ‘em run around wet. Dry your dog at air temperature. There are blowers for dog parlors but these gadgets do not use any heat. Let the hair dry and the air flow at the direction opposite the growth flow of your pet’s hair to get rid of some of the loose ones.

If excessive shedding still occurs, check on your dog’s diet and food intake as these can also contribute to your dog’s hair condition.

July 19, 2008

Animals shed to get rid of old, damaged, or extra hair. They normally grow a heavy coat in the winter to help insulate themselves and then shed the extra hair in the summer. However, dogs will also shed broken or damaged hair, and if their skin is irritated from conditions such as allergies, they will also shed excessively. Read these tips for keeping your dog’s skin and hair healthy to reduce shedding as well as effectively removing the hair.

STEP 1) Bathe your dog regularly. Try using a gentle oatmeal shampoo. A clean dog means a healthier coat, which means less shedding.
STEP 2) Brush your pet! Slicker brushes and blades are specific made for the types of coats that shed excessively.  Use a tool like the furminator to get rid of that dead undercoat.
STEP 3) Try giving your dog vitamins to keep thier coat healthy and strong. A stronger fur means less scratching, less thinning, less shedding.
STEP 4) If your pet is scratching because of tics and fleas, you will notice a lot more hair around the house. keep it under control with supplements like vita caps and biotin. Always have your pet wear a collar as well.
STEP 5) Pay attention to your dog’s diet. table food is the worst thing you can do for their shedding and health. I am not talking about a cut up chicken breast but some people, all they give them is table food. Not good. Dogs do not need fat from steak or pork chops or ribs.
STEP 6)  Feed an appropriate pet food. A pet’ s coat is often a reflection of what they eat. Feed a high quality food with good digestible protein sources