Dog Care

Author: gibbywmu
April 17, 2010


Dog care involves making sure you are doing your best to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and clean. You should brush your mutt’s teeth at least once a week, and more often if possible. There are numerous kinds of tooth brushes available for pets on the market. The best is the finger brush, which slips over your finger so you can simply rub your furry friend’s teeth and gums. It’s best to start oral hygiene on your pet at an early age not only to prevent tooth decay but also because the earlier you start, the more likely her or she will become used to it and will not mind having his or her teeth brushed.

Another part of dental dog care is making sure your faithful companion’s teeth stay strong. One great way to do this is to provide your pooch with rawhide dog bones. While cooked bones can splinter and damage your companion’s mouth and digestive system, rawhide dog bones are soft and actually provide an excellent source of calcium. Be careful though, dog treats can sometimes be very messy and should typically be given to your pooch outside where they can cause a mess without the hassle of clean up.

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