Pigs Ears Solve Puppy Problems

Author: PetCare81
October 7, 2008

Pig Ears and Labrador Retriever

Pig Ears

Pig Ears

Gnawing on a dried, smoked pigs ear may seem pretty gross to you and me—but, to Fido it is a delicious dinner. My Labrador Retriever loves nothing better than to spend a rainy day chewing on a pig ear. Many times, I have even given Barney a pig ear to calm his excitement when I have guests over. I have taken my labrador retriever on long road trips and pig ears really keep him busy.

My friend owns a Labradoodle that barks constantly. My friend has tried everything from dog training classes, to canine anxiety medication. But the classes only made the barking worse, and the medication made the poor pup act like a zombie. I suggested he give his dog pig ears to quiet his barking. And, guess what? It worked. The neighbors are no longer complaining and the car rides are no longer intolerable.

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