Dog Ear Infections

Author: gibbywmu
July 21, 2008
Dog Ear
Yes, dogs (just like people) can get nasty yeast infections. Many times they get them in their ears. You see, yeast thrives in warm and moist environments, and your dog’s ears are no exception. So, if you’re concerned that your pooch may have a dog ear yeast infection and you want to learn all you can about it, as well as examine medical and holistic treatments, then you’ve come to the right place.When the pH balance of the gut is out of balance, and beneficial bacteria in the gut have been destroyed, this insidious fungus and pathogenic bacteria can take over and the negative results are very detrimental to our health and well-being. One of those by products of a pH imbalance in the gut is bloat/torsion.Some veterinarians will recommend that you attempt certain natural treatments before using a powerful OTC medication or a prescription. White vinegar removes dirt and debris and restores a healthy balance in your dog’s ears. You’ll dilute the vinegar, pour the recommended amount into your dog’s ear canal, allow it to soak as you massage it briefly, then wipe out excess with a soft cloth. Cleaning your dog once a day may help his dog ear yeast infection. When his ear infection is better, use this solution a few times a week to keep your dog’s yeast at bay.If the dog’s yeast infection problem isn’t helped by these milder steps, your vet may recommend Zymox, a non-prescription treatment containing enzymatic anti-microbials. One daily dose of Zymox cleans and medicates. Another option will be to treat with Chlorhexidine 4% and clotramizole ointment. Brand names may be Malotic, Baytril Otic, or Panalog.After your dog has been treated daily for this nuisance, make sure you give him plenty of pig ears dog treats to reward him for all his pain and agony! This will ensure his cooperation in the future when giving him any kind of oral or external medication.

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