May 28, 2008

bully sticks

What makes bully sticks different from eachother?

While most bully sticks may cosmetically appear to be the same, often they are not.  Many bully sticks on the market today are processed and treated in different ways.  The most popular, and cheapest way to process bully sticks is to lay them on roofs, or other hot surfaces, where they bake in the sun until dried.  This is not the most sanitary nor the best practice.  Although cheap, it does not properly drain all of the blood and/or urine from the bully stick.  It also makes it easier for bacteria and other parasites to enter the product, creating a stronger smell.  The best method, and the method that we promote, is to hang them vertically in enclosed processing areas.  This ensures that all of the blood, urine, and other liquid can properly drain, leaving less of an odor than those layed in the sun to bake and dry.

 How do we keep our costs for bully sticks low? We obtain our bully sticks from Venezuela, Argentina, and other South American countries, where they are fully inspected and approved by the FDA and USDA before entering the USA. The cattle practices are much more ”natural” in these areas, and they are allowed to roam “free range” in lush green pastures.  They are not given hormones or other chemicals in order to increase their growth rate.  Many cattle in the USA are kept in feed lots, are much more expensive, and are given way too many chemicals throughout their lifetime. 

 Most bully sticks that major pet retailers sell are irradiated, or chemically treated (with bleach).  This completely removes all of the odor and kills any disease that might be in the product.  This may sound like a safe practice, but it is not recommended to feed your dog “irradiated” products.  There are other more “natural” methods to ensure the product is rid of bacteria or other contaminants, such as oven baking or roasting.  Our products are fully lab tested and approved for distribution in the USA.  If you are concerned about purchasing from a major pet store or retailer, make sure you ask them the method of treatment for bacteria removal in the product.

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