May 25, 2008

dog food

Are you concerned about the dry food your dog is eating? Looking for detailed information about certain food ingredients? Confused about inconsistent information about dogfood from pet food manufacturers? Need help comparing dog food brands, or finding healthy dog treats?

Then you are exactly where I was when I first heard about the disgusting materials some pet food manufacturers put into their products. I picked up a bag of Science Diet and consciously looked at the ingredient list for the first time. Even without any previous knowledge I could see that it did not include any real meat and was preserved with the same chemicals I avoid in human food products. I never bought another bag of Science Diet and started researching and comparing products. One of the things I learned was that any commercial sources are best avoided if you want hard facts, not biased “infomercial” style sales pitches trying to sell you one product or another. Hopefully you will find this article helpful, make up your own mind about different food brands and their quality, choose a better food and who knows – maybe even save some money.

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One Response to “How does your Dog Food Brand compare?”

  1. Thunderharley Says:

    What dog food do you recomend?I bought Blue Buffalo and they do not like it. They will eat the the cheep food but I feel that is like giving them fast food, it taste good but does nothing for you.

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