Whippets: An Owners Guide

Author: gibbywmu
July 12, 2008


The Whippet is a medium sized, active and playful shorthaired dog that is part of the sighthound family. They look like a greyhound, but are a breed of their own. They are gentle and quiet dogs that make great all around family pets. They become very attached to their family members, including the children and enjoy spending most of their day sleeping. Some Whippets are prone to ‘excessive greeting disorder, which occurs when a dog will jump, bark, and howl when his owners return from any absence of 10 minutes for longer. This can be dangerous if you have young children in the home, so you may want to crate your Whippet while you are gone, so the family can enter the home safely before uncrating him.

Whippets are very active and athletic dogs that love pursuing their prey and do it with great enthusiasm. They generally don’t snap or growl at other domestic animals. They are playful, loving dogs that have been given the nickname of ‘Velcro dog’ because of how they love cuddling with you on the bed or couch. They are not a dog that is content to lay on the floor by themselves. They are very easy to housebreak whether they are male or female unlike some other breeds. The female is more strong willed and the male more loyal, but both sexes make excellent pets. It is important to remember that each dog is different and his training will go differently as well.

Whippets make great racing dogs due to the excellent speed, and have participated in many races such as lure coursing, straight racing and oval track racing. Whippets are such active and athletic dogs that they can easily jump on the top of the countertop, couch or wherever they want to be to see what is going on around them. If bored, they will chew on things so it is important to give them plenty of toys or treats (like dog treats). Whippets were bred to chase, so it is important to always keep them on a leash while outdoors. If they see a small animal that they consider prey, they will chase and they can run up to 35 mph. By time they get tired of the chase, they could be miles from home and lost. Many Whippets lose their lives by being hit by a car.

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