Boxer Dog Treats

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May 15, 2011




There are many choices when it comes to rewarding your boxer dog with a dog treat for obeying your commands, and these treats make a big difference in your boxer dog’s attitude towards you in learning new tricks, and why wouldn’t they? To get anything in life you have to give something back and your boxer is no different, you help your boxer and he’ll help you. How simple it is!

But what are the best rewards and dog treats to give your boxer in times of good behavior? Well for starters you won’t be short of treats to try, the markets as it is now is full to the brim of all the fancy rewards and dog treats you could ever think of.

One of the favorite for Boxer owners is to treat their boxer to homemade treats from recipes that can be found across the internet in many places, some of my favorites and personal recommendations are listed in the products page of dog treat website.

Dog toys are also a good choice when rewarding your boxer; these include chewing dog toys such as kong dog toys, which can be very rewarding for boxer puppies and boxers alike. Saving one of your boxer’s favorite toys for when your boxer behaves well makes everything more exciting for your dog and causes them to want to perform more for this reward.

If a chew toy is not to your boxer liking then your boxer may instead enjoy a tug toy, tug toys are good for your boxer’s teeth the same as chew toys are and it enhances the relationship between you and your boxer as you play with them. Be careful while using these toys as some boxers may think of this game as good behavior and will start tugging on trousers or other annoying or destructive things.

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