Benefits of Bully Sticks

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May 12, 2010

This article will highlight benefits of The Bully Stick, an increasingly popular, all-natural dog treat.
Unlike most dog treats, Bully Sticks are 100% all natural. And since Bully Sticks contain no chemicals or preservatives, your dog can receive a healthy pet treat. Bully Sticks are also fully digestible and a great source of protein. The Bully Stick itself is a bull’s penis, which is usually either dried or smoked. The most efficient way to prepare the Bully Stick is to hang it vertically, which allows all of the fluids contained in the penis to fully drain. Without these fluids, the finished Bully Stick remains odorless. Not all manufacturers prepare their Bully Sticks in this fashion, but they certainly should – the less odor the better for you and your home!

Compared to traditional dog treats, Bully Sticks last an unusually long time. Of course it depends entirely on the size of your dog, but it usually takes an entire week to get through one Bully Stick. For larger breeds, a Bully Stick could last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. Many dog trainers also use Bully Sticks as positive reinforcement treats during training sessions and to hold the dog’s attention over a long period of time. If you wish to buy Bully Sticks, please go to our bully sticks page.

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