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Author: gibbywmu
April 17, 2010


Hide And Seek

This game requires two people and is played in the house. One person holds Buddy, while the other person “hides”.  Make it very easy at first. Next, the person who is hiding says “Buddy, Come!”, and the person who is holding lets go. If Buddy finds you right away, give him some dog treats or a toy and lots of praise.

If he doesn’t find you, or he gets confused and wanders away, make kissy noises or whistle. Don’t say “come” again. When he finds you, praise and reward. Try it again. Make it easier this time. When he gets better, change your hiding place or take the game outside. When he does find you, make sure you give him a reward, like deer antlers or other dog chews.

On Leash

The first game is played with the puppy on a leash. Wander around a bit and wait for your puppy to get distracted. It won’t
take long at all. When he isn’t paying attention to you, take a tiny treat, hold it at your knee, and say “Buddy, Come!” If
Buddy comes right over to the treat, praise him and give him the treat.

If Buddy doesn’t come, don’t repeat the word “Come”. Instead, make kissy noises or whistle while taking a step backwards. If he comes to you, praise and reward him. Try it one more time. Next time, try to give the command in a voice that’s higher and more excited. As Buddy gets better, increase the distance by using a longer leash.

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