October 7, 2008
dog treat butcher

Have you ever thought about what owners fed their dogs before dog kibble was invented, or how they rewarded their pups before dog treats were made? Many people do, and they may surprised to learn that back in the old days no one made all natural dog treats, or chicken-flavored biscuits for dogs. In fact, canine treats weren’t even originally made for dogs.Nearly 200-years ago a London butcher sot to expand his business. So he baked some biscuits to sell along side his butchered beef. But when he tasted the biscuits, he found they weren’t too good and he fed them to his dog. The butcher was so encouraged by his dog’s love for the biscuits he decided to continue baking them for other dogs.

In 1908 an American businessman bought the recipe from the butcher and headed back to the continent to found what is know known as the Milk Bone dog biscuit company. Today Milk Bone is just one of the many companies marketing baked treats to pets.

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