Brushing Your Dogs Coat

Author: gibbywmu
September 10, 2008

 To make things the easiest for you, start when the dog is just a puppy and they will become so accustomed to it, it will not be a problem or big deal. Depending on whether your pet is short or long hair will determine the amount of brushing required. Shorthaired dogs need to be brushed two to three times a week. Longhaired pets should be brushed daily. Look at it as time spent relating to your dog and the time will be spent doing double duty. Different brushes are made for different hair types. Choose an appropriate one depending on length and type of coat. For dogs with extremely wiry or a coat that mats easily, look for a mat comb.

Since deshedding is a very important consideration for any long haired pet owner, use tools like the furminator to remove the dead undercoat of the dog.  This hair can build up over time, and could cause your dog to become overheated easier in the summer months.

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