Are You Ready For A Dog?

Author: gibbywmu
August 14, 2008

 Are You Ready for a Dog? Maybe Later… Have you been thinking about getting a dog? If you are reading this, then it’s probably been on your mind for a while. You are probably the kind of person that thinks things through and that’s why you’ve chosen this article. We know all of the reasons we want a dog…love, companionship, fun, etc. But it’s important, also, to think about the negatives and make sure that they are things you are comfortable with. It’s possible that now is NOT the right time to get a dog.

You already know that dogs are a very big responsibility. If you change your mind after getting a dog, or your family decides it wasn’t a good idea after all, it will be the dog who suffers. Following is a simple list of all the negative things about owning a dog. Not all dogs will do these things, but it’s important to be prepared for the possiblity. Think twice before you get a dog. Here is the list that you and your family should understand about living with a dog: Some dogs get big. Some dogs bark a lot. When you walk a dog, you have to pick up the mess. Dogs can get sick and mess up the carpet. Dogs can chew furniture.

Dogs shed hair. Dogs get lonely when they are by themselves. Dogs can chew your toys. Dogs can get sick and cost a lot of money at the vet. Dogs can be picky about their food. Dogs jump on people. Dirty dog dishes need to be washed. Dogs need baths. Dogs scratch, bite, and chew. Dogs can’t always understand what you are saying. Dogs can get fleas, worms, and ticks. Dogs can run away. Dogs can bother the neighbors. Dogs need to go for walks. Dogs need things like leashes, collars, and toys which cost money. Dogs need a pet sitter or boarding when you want to go away.

Dogs need frequent brushing, so you need tools like the furminator to get rid of the dead undercoat. Dogs need exercise. Friends or family might be allergic to dogs. Dogs need obedience training. Dogs drool on your hands and on your clothes. Someday your dog will die. So there it is. I can’t think of any more negatives. And some of these may not be negatives for you, like exercising your dog. That may be a reason you want to get a dog. Just remember this list, and if they bother you a lot, then a dog may not the best pet for you. You might decide that this is not the best time to get a dog. Or that your home is not the best place for a dog right now. Or you might decide that the best pet for you is not a dog. Making the right decision now will help a dog live a happier, more comfortable life.

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