August 7, 2008
Dog Traveling

Alot of people traveling in RVs – fulltimers, partimers and weekenders alike – bring their doggies along for the trip. What do you do to keep your mutt looking pretty on the road? What happens when you let Fluffy out to do her business, and she comes back with a coat full of burrs and mud?

Even if you are just road tripping in a car, it pays to have a little ‘grooming emergency kit’ tucked away somewhere. These are the essentials:

1. Fine-Tooth Comb – you can work out the burrs before they get really entwined with any plastic comb. Just don’t yank on your poor dog – be gentle!

2. Dog brush Рonce you have the burrs out, brush through the fur to remove leaves, dirt, and mud.  Use tools like the furminator to remove dead undercoat.

3. A small scissors is a lifesaver if there are matts.

4. Tweezers to remove the thorns and spines. Check your dogs feet every time you think of it – a thorn could become an infected abscess if neglected.

5. Baby Wipes are great for touch-ups between baths, for wiping eye boogers – and can really help out when you see any dangling dookie (you DON’T want THAT in your vehicle)!

6. A small spray bottle of doggie cologne, to help cover up any odors from Fido rolling in the cow pies. Find a scent you like since it will linger in the car or RV with you – there are hundreds to choose from; something for everybody. I am partial to the Christmas Spice-type scents…plus, after Christmas, you can probably buy a bunch of bottles on sale and use all year.

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