Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhound

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound needs exercise just like any other dog. Italian Greyhound may not need as much exercise as a large breed of dog, they exercise is still important for their overall well being as well as keeping them from becoming overweight. They are a very active dog running around the house, but still need regular exercise. There is no greater pleasure you can give your Italian Greyhound than taking them for a walk around the neighborhood. Italian Greyhound are very sensitive to the cold weather so either walk them on warm days or have them wear a sweater. Italian Greyhound may be laughed at by the neighbors, but it will keep them warm and prevent them getting sick. Remember how they love to chase animals so always keep them on a leash and don’t expect a fence to keep them in your yard. Italian Greyhound are great jumpers.As important as exercise is for your Italian Greyhound is, good nutrition is even more important. Your dog will let you know in a lot of ways what foods they like and which they don’t like. Italian Greyhounds have been known to like vegetables both raw and cooked such as peas, carrots or green beans. Italian Greyhound also enjoy other dog treats, like bully sticks, lamb ears, pig ears, cow ears, or organic dog biscuits.  A word of warning worth repeating is that the dog should not be given chocolate or onions. While chocolate is a favorite of humans, it can be deadly to a dog, especially a small dog. In a dog the size of the Italian Greyhound, a small amount of chocolate can hurt them. Onions have been known to cause the dog to become anemic. Some people believe garlic is good as an additive to the food as well as its ability to repel fleas, although this is not a proven fact. Many owners give their Italian Greyhound small amounts of table scraps. This is fine as long as they do not have large amounts of sugar or salt, both of which can be harmful.When purchasing your commercial dog food, always buy a good quality dog food. While the most expensive dog food is not always the best, they generally have more important nutrients than the cheap brands. Always read the ingredients on the dog food product. You do not want dog foods that contain fillers such as corn, wheat or soy. While they may fill the dog up, they are not filling the dog up with ingredients he needs to remain healthy and look good. Corn has been known to cause food allergies and yeast infections in many dogs.When looking at the ingredient list, the top ingredients listed should be meat or meat products, but not meat by products. While all the ingredients can not be meat, the top five listed should have at least two of them as meat. This will give your dog a healthy looking coat as well as help them grow well.

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