Whippet Puppies Traning

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October 21, 2010



Whippet Puppies

Like any other dog Whippet Puppies can be trained but Whippet Puppies require positive dog training techniques and your patience. Whippet Puppies are the most obedient and willing to please of the family. It won’t be difficult to establish the basic rules and it will be fun to teach your whippet and learn from him.

Train on the lead several times a day for short periods indoors (bad weather days) and outside. Raw or cooked hotdogs make great lures for the untrained
whippet to move along with you. Plenty of praise using a high-pitched happy voice reinforced with a food morsel will encourage your Whippet puppy along. Gradually reduce the dog treats as the training takes hold. If Whippet pulls away and resists, do not pull back- simply praise the behavior you are trying to reinforce. Please use collars and dog leashes that are wide enough to prevent trauma to the neck and windpipe. Never tie your whippet up outside or leave them on a chain unattended. Whippet puppies can easily run to the end of the line and snap their neck.

Whippet puppies training can be a therapy for the trainer, it will teach you patience, self control and observation skills, be ready for surprises and have fun!

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