Toys For Westies

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February 5, 2011




The Westie doesn’t care if dog toys are green, purple, read or blue. Westie wants something chewable, easily portable or make a sound like a rat. We are introducing dog toys that Westies like. There are several types of dog toys.

Kong dog toy is a trade name for a toy made of a hard rubber material, roughly shaped like a pyramid. It is a well constructed toy which lasts very well and supplies hours of fun. The shape causes the toy to bounce and roll in unpredictable directions, adding to its interest. Being strong, it can stand a lot of chewing. There is a hole in the center which can hold treats such as a bit of cheese whiz or peanut butter. Kong dog toys come in several sizes. The smallest is ideal for puppies, the mid-size for adult Westies. Some Kongs float, some come with rope attached. They are found in pet stores, at veterinarians, and some department stores. The Westie size cost ranges from $10 to $15 each. These dog toys can stand being left outside all winter, even in Saskatchewan. There are also some inferior look-alikes on the market which will not last as well.

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