Cairn Terrier Grooming

Author: gibbywmu
March 18, 2009
cairn terrier

Cairn Terrier

Grooming the Cairn Terrier is relatively easy and simple and does not require a professional groomer but it does need to be done on a consistent, regular basis. The Cairn Terrier should be groomed very other day with a stiff bristle brush or a pin brush, grooming both the outer hair and the softer, dense inner coat. The soft fine hair of the inner coat is prone to matting that in turn will increase the likelihood of skin problems and rashes as well as sores and infections.

In addition to regular grooming, the hair around the ears and eyes of Cairn Terrier should be regularly trimmed to avoid irritation. To safely trim the hair around the eyes always use blunt ended scissors and have someone help you by holding the dog’s head very still. Place your fingers between the scissors and the dog’s eyes to avoid any possibility of injury from a sudden movement. Keep the inside of the ears free from hair by using your fingers to pluck out any long hair. The teeth should regularly be checked for tartar build up and regular brushing with a finger sleeve or dog-toothbrush and special dog toothpaste is recommended.

At least twice a year the Cairn Terrier should have all the long and dead hairs removed from his or her coat. This is done through a process called stripping. Stripping can be done by hand by simply pulling out the long or dead hairs with the direction of hair growth. This is always back and down when you are stripping the body of the dog.

The coarse, rough outer hair of the Cairn Terrier dog contains natural oils that keep the coat waterproof and provides protection. Avoid over-bathing the breed as this will strip the natural oils from the coat. There are special shampoos and conditioners available for dogs that will protect their coats. Never use human hair products on dogs as the pH is different and can really dry and damage the dog’s hair.

After bathing, make sure to play with him, using Cairn Terrier‘s favorite toy, like kong dog toys.


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