Dog Treats for Shih Poos

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May 6, 2013



Shih Poos, a crossbreed between a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, have become a popular hybrid of loving and adorable puppies that make great household pets. If you are the proud new owner of a Shih Poo, the knowledge on how to properly care for your pup is vital. Their fragile frame, small stature and hair-like coat are important to keep in mind while raising your dog, especially when it comes to picking out the right food.

First, Shih Poos need high-quality food that is specifically formulated for small dogs. When your Shih Poo is still a puppy, it is important for him or her to eat food that is high in protein and fat content. As your puppy grows, incorporating Omega 3’s in their diet is necessary in keeping their coat shiny and healthy.

Organic dog treats have become popular among pet owners, as they are all natural and made without artificial preservatives. Selecting a dog food with organic ingredients is a good way to ensure that your companion is receiving a healthy and high quality meal. Organic dog treats are more costly, but also more beneficial.

Often times we realize that our pups are out of dog food after it is too late to run to the store. As the owner of a Toy Poodle, our family has concocted our own recipes to feed our dog during these times. Brown rice, grilled chicken, and a scrambled egg is a dish that our little poodle enjoys best. Because it is made up of natural ingredients, it is a clean meal that offers her plenty of protein.

Shih Poos are a wonderful hybrid dog that will be healthiest when fed high-quality food. Take care of your new companion and choose dog food brands made with natural ingredients geared towards small dogs. A healthy puppy will grow into a strong dog that can stay by your side for many years to come!

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