January 22, 2009




The Kuvasz is a dog that was originally used in Hungary as a bodyguard. Eventually, Kuvasz was used to guard livestock. As such, a livestock guardian typically has a protective nature towards its flock, which can become quickly aggressive against perceived threats. Kuvatsz has an independent disposition that allowed Kuvatz to make decisions on its own when Kuvasz was out in the wild with the livestock. The intelligence of most dogs bred for guarding or herding sheep is typically very good, which can lead to some manipulative ploys as the dog tests its owner for dominance.  When leash walking your Kuvasz, make sure you use strong dog leashes to show your dog who’s boss.

The Kuvasz, being a descendant of the wolf, will relate to its role in the human pack. It is very capable of taking advantage of a non-assertive owner. However, dominance does not mean physical dominance. Dominance over a dog is an attitude, a demeanor that says you are in charge.

One of the keys to a successful life with a Kuvasz is socialization. This point cannot be stressed enough. A well-socialized Kuvasz learns that not everything is a threat. This gives the dog more self-confidence and helps KuvasZ to recognize a genuine threat if it occurs. The dog can then act accordingly.


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