Where Does Your Dog Sleep?

Author: gibbywmu
January 16, 2009

dog leashes

Where does your dog sleep?
Not in your bedroom and especially not on your bed! Your bedroom is a special place – it’s your “den”. An alpha dog thinks he has a right to sleep in your den because he considers himself your equal. In fact, he may have already taken over your bed, refusing to get off when told or growling and snapping when anyone asks him to make room for the humans. Until your dog’s alpha problems are fully under control, the bedroom should be off-limits! The same goes for sleeping on furniture. If you can’t keep him off the couch without a fight, deny him access to the room until his behavior and training has improved.

Make sure to walk him with the proper dog leashes, and when he returns home, show him his crate to let him know where his den is.


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