Author: gibbywmu
January 15, 2009

dog leashes


If you or anyone in your family wrestles, rough-houses or plays tug of war with your dog, stop! These games encourage dogs to dominate people physically and to use their teeth. In a dog pack or in a litter, these games are more than just playing – they help to establish pack order based on physical strength. Your dog is already probably stronger and quicker than you are. Rough, physical games prove that to him. He doesn’t need to be reminded of it!
Find new games for him to play. Hide & seek, fetch or frisbee catching are more appropriate. Make sure you’re the one who starts and ends the game, not the dog. Stop playing before the dog gets bored and is inclined to try to keep the ball or frisbee.

Instead, be more productive and take him on nice, long walks on proper dog leashes to get his attention.


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