Toy Fox Terrier Temperament

Author: gibbywmu
November 19, 2008

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The Toy Fox Terrier has a true terrier personality and temperament. They are happy, lively and energetic dogs that are always interested in what the family is doing. The Toy Fox Terrier loves to be in the center of the action but they are also more affectionate than many of the terriers and enjoy just sitting with their owners. The Toy Fox Terrier will be very puppyish in his or her behavior, even well into the dog’s senior years. They are highly intelligent and quickly learn an amazing number of words, commands and signals. They can be very curious dogs and will often find something to play with or entertain themselves if left alone for longer periods of time. When provided with toys and time to exercise the Toy Fox Terrier can tolerate being left at home during the day, providing they have lots of attention and interaction with the family in the evenings.

As a breed, the Toy Fox has all the “big dog in a small body” attitude that is a hallmark of the terrier group of dogs. Unlike some of the terriers the Toy Fox will adjust very well to other dogs when properly socialized. If they are not socialized they can be dog aggressive, particularly the intact males. They are also not as independent as other terriers, however they do have a mind of their own and can be stubborn and strong willed at times, so the proper dog leashes are a must. 

The Toy Fox Terrier does best with older children and considerate younger children. As with any toy dog younger kids don’t seem to realize how small the dog really is, which can pose a risk to the dog. The Toy Fox Terrier loves to run and play and is extremely active all through his or her life.

Not a problem barker, the Toy Fox Terrier is still a good watchdog and will bark very loudly to let you know when strangers approach. They may be prone to digging and chasing and are not good companions in homes with other small rodent type pets. When socialized with cats from a young age the Toy Fox Terrier does well with the family cats, but is likely to chase other cats that wander onto the property.

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