Borzoi Exercise

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008

 The Borzoi is a dog that does require play time. They are large animals that often need to be running and playing. In fact, it is necessary to provide this to your dog even when the dog is in a smaller sized area. In order to stay healthy, the Borzoi requires enough room to run. You will need to provide them with some exercise as it is required for their body structure to remain fit. They are mostly muscle under their coat which means exercise to stay fit and healthy.

If you can not find the room to allow the pet to run, you may want to consider taking on a new hobby, such as jogging or running. They will love to accompany you on your runs and are often likely to enjoy the bike too. A fenced in yard is the very best area for the dogs but you can also find much enjoyment with taking them to the park.

When exercising your Borzoi, you should take note in the fact that they are more than likely to take off in one direction or the other, making them very much dogs that need to be watched in any situation, so make sure to walk him on proper dog leashes at all time.

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