Borzoi Grooming

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008

 Taking care of your Borzoi will not be as difficult as you think. That is because the Borzoi is a dog that likes to remain clean and healthy. He will do much of his own grooming, which is a good thing for owners! Nevertheless, you do need to pay attention to your Borzoi yourself. They have a long coat that requires a good brushing. Purchase a good quality bristle brush to brush them with and do this at least weekly much more often when able to.

Because they do take good care of themselves, for the most part, it is likely that you will be able to bath them very infrequently. You can also use dry shampoos on these dogs when you feel the need to as a wet batch can be hard with a large dog like the Borzoi is.

Another important part of caring for your Borzoi is to pay attention to their feet. The hair between their toes needs to be trimmed and they need this taken care of so that they do not have painful feet! This will also help when taking him for walks on proper dog leashes.

Unfortunately, the Borzoi is a heavy shedder which means that brushing them will help to keep the coat off of your home.

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