Borzoi Temperament

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008

 When it comes to temperament, you will find the Borzoi to be an amazing animal. They are very smart dogs and at the same time are very affectionate to their owners. You will enjoy a dog that is very aware of his family and very much willing to protect them. They are loyal animals to their owners. Being that these dogs are hounds there can be a bit of the characteristics of those dogs which includes having their own free will. In some situations, they will not be good for training because of this feature.

A feature that many enjoy about the Borzoi is just how “good” they can be. They are quiet, self taking care of animals. They prefer to be clean and will help to make that happen on their own. In addition, they are not loud animals and often are happy to be quietly sitting in the background.

Take them outdoors, though and you have another story. Because they are sign dogs they are very much well built animals as well. That means that they are fast and they will explore whatever and wherever they feel like. They are hard to train in terms of property boundaries because of this. Make sure to walk them on the proper dog leashes at all times.

To bring the Borzoi into your home, you should take the time to socialize them with others as well as with children and smaller animals, especially cats. They are territorial and will protect what they feel is their own property. More so, outdoors they are likely to chase after animals and are likely to get their prey for their fast build. If you have younger children or small animals in the home, do expose them to the Borzoi carefully and when the Borzoi is a young dog to help them to grow up knowing that these housemates are okay. In addition, these dogs often like to be resting not playing hard with children.

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