Borzoi History

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008

When you consider the Borzoi in terms of history, you are likely to find this bred along side the wealthy. They were first thought to be brought from Arabia into Russia in the 17th century. Nobility then took them and bred them with dogs that had much longer hair, hence the current coat of this animal. They were used and became very good wolf hunting dogs. This is where they get their other common name of a Russian Wolfhound!

Because they were such successful hunters, their popularity spread widely and within a matter of years they were found in various countries throughout Europe. They were very well known in the British aristocracy for many years. They were often given as gifts to the royalty in fact.

The Borzoi still has wonderful hunting abilities, but over time they became better known for their abilities in terms of companionship, making them just as important nonetheless. They also loved to be walked on the proper dog leashes.

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