Borzoi Description

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008

 As a very tall dog, the Borzoi commands attention. They have a very long but thin and narrow head shape and they have an arched muzzle. A tell tale characteristic of this dog is its tail. They are long and curved but they hang low against their backside. In addition, the coat around the neck of this dog is very thick and ruffled, giving it a unique look. When you look at the dog face on you will see that he has dark eyes that have their own unique shape of being oblong.

The unique shape of the Borzoi is only one condition that makes it unique. These dogs are very beautiful animals that fit within a family well.

You will need to walk him (with proper dog leashes) at least one time a day, but it is even more beneficial to provide your pet with a fenced in yard where they can run freely as that is what these dogs are well known for doing. If you live in an area with limited space, do be sure to find a location for him to run and play in.

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