Whippet Training

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008


Training your Whippet can be a fun and yet challenging experience. They are known for being very headstrong, but at the same time, they are eager to please their owner. Many dogs were bred years ago to do a certain thing and now that they are domestic, we expect them to become a different type of dog. Luckily for the Whippets, who were bred to race and course, we train them for the same things today. With patience and time, you can teach your Whippet obedience that will impress anyone.

It is important to remember that Whippets are very sensitive dogs and will not respond well to physical punishment or to loud, angry or stressful voices. In fact, it will be worse than no training at all. They are very capable of being taught the basic home commands such as sit, down, stay, etc. With time and patience, many dogs complete not only basic obedience but also go to compete in advanced obedience competitions. Many Whippet owners go all the way successfully with the training including lure coursing, racing, fly ball competition, dog leashes walking, and agility. Lure coursing is chasing a plastic bag pulled by a string, but often has the appearance of a fluffy animal.

If you are planning to train your Whippet for any type of competition, it is important that he or she be in top physical condition. They require exercise regularly, good nutritional food and need to be free from parasites, which can make them weak and sick. You may want to have your local vet check him over to assure he is in top condition so he can do his best. Allow your dog to train around other dogs if possible to promote a sense of competition in him or her. Training for competition can begin as early as 3 months of age. Allows show your Whippet when he has done well. Be generous with praise and treats during training.

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