Whippet Exercise

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008


Whippets need exercise just like any other dog. They don’t need a large yard, but should have enough room to go for a good run as they have a lot of energy to wear off on a daily basis. In addition to running, they enjoy a nice walk with their family members. It is important that their yard be fenced and when out of the yard that they always are leashed. Being part of the sighthound group, they love to chase what they consider their prey and will run for a long time and distance before getting tired. Their instinct to chase and kill their prey is so strong and they are so fast that they may get away from you before you realize it if not onĀ dog leashes. Taking them for a walk is a good time to attempt to work on basic obedience. Many times away from the every day distractions in the home, a dog will respond better, especially a younger dog.

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