Whippet Temperament

Author: gibbywmu
November 18, 2008


Whippets are very loving and affectionate dogs that enjoy being with their family members as close as possible. This sweet and docile dog is very quiet and calm in you home and very seldom barks. They will bark when they want to get a point across to you or occasionally if they are unhappy about something. It is rare that they bark when visitors come to your home. They are extremely sensitive physically and emotionally so their training should be done with positive reinforcement and not in a physical way. Because of their sensitivity, they will notice things such as stress in the home and will actually get upset to the point of making themselves sick. Some ailments that can occur are severe digestive upsets, neurotic behavior and sick to their stomach.

They are intelligent and learn very quickly, but they are very independent dogs so don’t expect perfection with them. By nature, they are standoffish with strangers, although they do bond with their family. They are such an easy going dog, that they would not make a good guard dog. It is because of their docile and passive nature that they are often placed in aging homes with the elderly. They are full of energy but love attention and affection and being in the home. While they enjoy exercise like all animals, their preference is to being inside the house with their family. When taken outside the home, always make sure to provide them with properĀ dog leashes for walks.

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