Dog Speaking English

Author: admin
June 19, 2017

Can dogs speak English? Well, technically, dogs can mimic human speech. Better yet, dogs can make human-speech-like vocalizations. According to Harry Miles Johnson of Johns Hopkins University, the dog’s speech is the production of vocal sounds which produce illusion in the hearer. Human speech far beyond what a dog’s physical structure allows. Dogs may not be able to speak English, but dogs are able to imitate humans as well as dogs do each other, because they pick up on the differences in our tonal patterns. However, dogs have limited vocal imitation skills, so these sounds usually need to be shaped by selective attention and social reward. Especially speaking English is harder for dogs, because dogs’ mouths and vocal cords do not have the ability to make those English sounds. On YouTube, I found this Chinese Crested Dog speaking English. Very Impressive.

Now, humans can imitate dogs? Yes. We have more control over imitations. This guy can bark like a dog. Very funny.

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