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April 15, 2010

Since 2003 courthouse dogs have provided comfort to children who have been sexually abused while they undergo forensic interviews and testify in court.

Those dogs need healthy dog treats.  Gibdog Pet Supplies honey smoked pig ears are 100% natural with no added chemicals or preservatives! They are 100% digestible, are low in fat and sodium, and rich in protein. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals for your dogs! Buy pig ears online!

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Bully Sticks vs Rawhide

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April 11, 2010


Rawhide dog treats are available in a huge variety of sizes for both puppies and larger dogs, shapes that range from bones to twists and ties, and flavors including chicken, beef, lamb and duck.

The biggest advantage of rawhide is how affordable it is. Available both individually and in bulk, rawhide dog treats can cost less, while lasting for weeks and sometimes even months at a time. You can buy rawhide online at Gibdog Pet Supplies.

Rawhide dog treats are often criticized for a number of different reasons, not the least of which is the choking hazard they can present if broken into smaller pieces through use and the inability of most dogs to actually digest the rawhide they do ingest, instead having pass through their digestive tract where it can cause damage if there are sharp ridges on the ingested piece. Because of this, more and more dog owners are turning to dog treats that don’t present a choking hazard and that can be digested by their pets as they would their food.

Bully Sticks

Due o the panic caused by contaminated pet food in 2007, natural dog treats and chew grew rapidly. Because of that, bully sticks have grown in popularity with pet owners all over the country in search of dog treats that they feel comfortable with and that their dogs will enjoy. buy dog treats at Gibdog natural dog treats shop.

Unlike rawhide treats, bully sticks are made from the beef of the cow, not the hide, allowing for it to be digested and processed by the dog as it would their food instead of passing it through their system like rawhide. Much like rawhide, bully sticks are available in numerous sizes, from just a few inches for smaller breeds to nearly a yard long for larger dogs, styles including braided bully sticks as a way to work the teeth and jaw muscles, and flavors that include chicken treats for dogs and lamb treats for dogs among others.

Much like rawhide treats, bully sticks can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the treat given to the dog, and while with larger breeds and rawhide you have to be wary of the choking hazard from broken pieces, bully sticks are easily digested by breeds both large and small and won’t chip and break to present a choking hazard like rawhide

Which One to Choose, Bully Stick or Rawhide?

The trend of dog treats and chews seems to be moving more towards bully sticks simply because of their status as an all natural treat that can be digested just like food without any worry of contamination. With plenty of flavors, sizes, and styles to suit every size and type of dog, bully sticks are quickly taking the place of rawhide on the aisles of pet supply stores around the country. Buy bully sticks today!

Bully sticks for dogs

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November 18, 2008

The popularity of bully sticks has grown since there has been panic caused by contaminated pet foods. Many pet owners have resorted to switching to foods that they know won’t contain toxic chemicals.

Compared to rawhide treats, bully sticks are made from the beef of the cow and not the hide, which makes them easier for dogs to digest. Since this type of dog treat can be easily digested, it’s ideal for breeds both large and small.

Dog treats

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November 18, 2008

round-bully-treatsJust like humans, pets need to indulge too! They can also get bored with the same dog food that is served over and over again. It’s just like a person who eats nothing but burgers at every meal.

That is why, from time to time, you should feed your pet some dog treats. These tasty dog delicacies also come in handy if you are teaching your dog a new trick. Give your dog a yummy treat every time he gets the trick right.

Cow ears for dogs

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October 30, 2008
Cow ears for dogs

Dogs must be given treats and snacks regularly, especially when they are on their best behavior. However, pet owners must be wary of treats that are laden with chemicals and preservatives. These may be bad for your pet.

Always check the label for additives and preservatives. There are healthy alternatives such as cow ears for dogs. These are natural snacks with no preservatives. In addition to being healthy, they are USDA and FDA approved.

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Healthy dog treats

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October 30, 2008
Healthy dog treats

Dogs are intelligent creatures. With healthy dog treats, you can train your dog to do simple tricks such as sit, beg, or roll over. Like humans, they respond to positive reinforcement.

Giving treats is an effective way of reinforcing a pet’s good behavior positively. Some dogs, especially if they like the treats, will do anything just to have a tasty snack. With the help of treats, pet owners can communicate what they want their pets to do.

October 7, 2008
dog treat butcher

Have you ever thought about what owners fed their dogs before dog kibble was invented, or how they rewarded their pups before dog treats were made? Many people do, and they may surprised to learn that back in the old days no one made all natural dog treats, or chicken-flavored biscuits for dogs. In fact, canine treats weren’t even originally made for dogs.Nearly 200-years ago a London butcher sot to expand his business. So he baked some biscuits to sell along side his butchered beef. But when he tasted the biscuits, he found they weren’t too good and he fed them to his dog. The butcher was so encouraged by his dog’s love for the biscuits he decided to continue baking them for other dogs.

In 1908 an American businessman bought the recipe from the butcher and headed back to the continent to found what is know known as the Milk Bone dog biscuit company. Today Milk Bone is just one of the many companies marketing baked treats to pets.

Pigs Ears Solve Puppy Problems

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October 7, 2008

Pig Ears and Labrador Retriever

Pig Ears

Pig Ears

Gnawing on a dried, smoked pigs ear may seem pretty gross to you and me—but, to Fido it is a delicious dinner. My Labrador Retriever loves nothing better than to spend a rainy day chewing on a pig ear. Many times, I have even given Barney a pig ear to calm his excitement when I have guests over. I have taken my labrador retriever on long road trips and pig ears really keep him busy.

My friend owns a Labradoodle that barks constantly. My friend has tried everything from dog training classes, to canine anxiety medication. But the classes only made the barking worse, and the medication made the poor pup act like a zombie. I suggested he give his dog pig ears to quiet his barking. And, guess what? It worked. The neighbors are no longer complaining and the car rides are no longer intolerable.

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My Neighbor’s Dog

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September 4, 2008
dog treats

My neighbor has a dog that is very finicky.  She will not let any of us pet her even though she comes by all the time.  We sit out on our lawn often.  Actually, we use it for meals and other recreation like stretching on a regular basis.  When she sees us on the lawn, she generally comes over just to bark.

We think that eventually, she will have to get tired of the redundant act, but she doesn’t seem to be letting go any time soon.  My friend suggested that we have dog treats for her when she comes over so that she won’t be scared.  Well, I’ll definitely try it out.

September 3, 2008
boot camp

 Just like in the army, boot camp is really just an introduction to a new career and new way of doing things. A tour through boot camp isn’t going to solve your alpha dog’s problems forever. It’s a way to get basic respect from a dog who’s been bullying you without having to resort to physical force.

How long should boot camp last? That depends on the dog. Some will show an improvement right away, others may take much longer. For really tough cookies, natural leaders that need constant reminders of their place in the pack, Alpha Dog Boot Camp will become a way of life. Social climbers may need periodic trips through boot camp if you get lax and accidentally let them climb back up a notch or two in the family pack order.

How do you know if you’re making a difference? If boot camp has been successful, your dog should start looking to you for directions and permission. He’ll show an eagerness to please. Watch how your dog approaches and greets you. Does he come to you “standing tall”, with his head and ears held high and erect? It may look impressive and proud but it means he’s still alpha and you still have problems! A dog who accepts humans as superiors will approach you with his head slightly lowered and his ears back or off to the sides. He’ll “shrink” his whole body a little in a show of submission. Watch how he greets all the members of the family. If he displays this submissive posture to some of them, but not others, those are the ones who still need to work on their own alpha posture and methods. They should take him back through another tour of boot camp with support from the rest of the family.

After a long hard day of boot camp, make sure to let him lay down and chew on his favorite treat, like bully sticks!