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November 1, 2011

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Have you thought about getting dog leashes for training Shih Tzu? There are many different styles of dog training for Shih Tzu, and finding the one that works best for your Shih Tzu is important for creating a Shih Tzu that is a talented, loyal and faithful member of the family. All successful methods of dog training work to reinforce the relationship between dog and handler, and the foundation of any successful training program is getting the respect of the Shih Tzu. Fortunately, Shih Tzu is wired by nature to seek out leaders, and to follow the direction of those leaders.

This article focuses on one of the most popular methods of Shih Tzu dog training – the so-called leash/collar style of Shih Tzu training. Other articles will focus on the other popular style of training Shih Tzu, often called reward training or positive reinforcement.

Leash training / collar training is the best way to accomplish many types of dog training, particularly in situations where the Shih Tzu must have a high level of reliability. For instance, Shih Tzu that have an important job to do, such as therapy Shih Tzu dogs, generally benefit from leash and collar training. If trained properly, almost any Shih Tzu can work as a therapy dog.

Both leash training and reward training have been around for a very long time, and they have proven their effectiveness over time. The type of training that works best will vary from Shih Tzu to Shih Tzu. It is important to remember that each breed of dog has its own unique qualities, reinforced by hundreds of years of selective breeding.

In a collar and leash based Shih Tzu training program, first the Shih Tzu is taught a particular behavior, generally with the leash. After the Shih Tzu has demonstrated that it understands the command, the leash is then used to correct the Shih Tzu if it disobeys, or when it makes a mistake. The leash is the main form of controlling and communicating with the Shih Tzu in leash and collar training.

In leash Shih Tzu training, varying degrees of force can be used, ranging from slight prompts with the lead to very harsh corrections. The amount of correction used should be appropriate to the situation, since using too much correction, or too little, will be ineffective.

Shih Tzu Dog Treats

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December 9, 2010

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Looking for dog treats for Shih Tzu?
We don’t recommend Rawhide dog treats for shih tzu at all. Stay away from rawhides with the shih tzu. Avoid commercially made pig ears and cow ears as well. Pig ears, cow ears or rawhide treats can be dangerous to your shih tzu if those small pieces get hung in their neck or digestive system. You will end up in the emergency vet clinic. Shih Tzu needs natural dog treats. Bully sticks and lamb treats are good for Shih Tzu.

With any dog treat, you need to be careful with the amount you feed to a dog, especially with a dog as tiny as a Shih Tzu. Some uses Nature’s Recipe training treats with her Shih Tzu because they’re nice small, bite-sized treats. Small dog biscuits and bits of raw vegetables, chicken, or hot dogs are favored treats for Shih Tzu. Especially, organic dog biscuits provide provіde more than merely calorіes for your Shih Tzu. Make sure to break up an organic dog biscuit into smaller pieces for your Shih Tzu.

Another treats that is good for Shih Tzu is a handful of cat kibble. Shih Tzu should never be fed cat food regularly, but it’s great for the occasional training session because the pieces are tiny and they’re high in protein and flavor so dogs love them. Also, remember to keep your training sessions short (no more than 10-12 minutes at a time) and always end on a positive note so your Shih Tzu will feel good and look forward to future training sessions.

Shih Tzu Training

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December 4, 2010

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are an intelligent dog which takes reasonably well to dog training. The typical nature of the Shih Tzu is friendly, playful, and animated. Not overly ‘yappy’ dogs, most are very alert and will sound the alarm readily, making them reliable watchdogs. Although small, they seem to have no concept of their own size – most Shih Tzu owners describe them as “huge dogs packed into a small body”. Some Shih Tzu are so overconfident that they’ll take on much larger dogs without a second though. Overindulged Shih Tzu can be snappy and arrogant; it’s important that you don’t spoil your Shih Tzu, as they tend to take this as a sign that you’re a weak leader and will try to enforce their rules on you, rather than the other way around!

It’s important that you don’t dole out dog treats too readily – Shih Tzu need to earn their treats. Too many dog treats will not only have an adverse effect on your dog’s health, but will teach him that you’re a soft touch who’s lower down on the pack hierarchy than he is. Your Shi Tzu will respond to you better and be much more content and relaxed if he knows that he can rely on you to act like a leader at all times – this prevents him from having to step up to the mark, instead.

Dog treats are a great way of forming new, positive behaviors for Shih Tzu. For example, using them as rewards during training works especially well on the Shih Tzu, who always appreciates food rewards. Instead of giving him a particular food that is a dog treat, why not get him to learn something new (like going inside his crate on your command) first, before giving him the dog treat. That way he gets the treat, as well as learning a new positive behavior, AND has a positive association with performing that behavior.
Your response to behavior from your dog has a huge impact on whether or not that behavior is repeated. If you treat your dog when he behaves in a certain way, this is how he learns that you approve of such behavior. To most dogs, your approval is what they really crave; food treats are just a way of demonstrating that you like that behavior. Later when the treat, such as food, is not used any more, the dog has already learned that such behavior gets him your approval – although sporadic food rewards do well to keep obedience foremost in his mind!

Your response to behavior from your Shih Tzu has a huge impact on whether or not that behavior is repeated. If you treat your Shih Tzu when he behaves in a certain way, this is how he learns that you approve of such behavior. To most dogs, your approval is what they really crave; dog treats are just a way of demonstrating that you like that behavior. Later when the dog treat, such as food, is not used any more, the Shih Tzu has already learned that such behavior gets him your approval – although sporadic dog treats do well to keep obedience foremost in his mind!

Now, we will talk about various dog training tools or equipment to choose from, you have to be very careful which one is right and can help you create a well-mannered spunky little dog, Shih Tzu. Some of the first purchases you will need to make for your Shih Tzu include:

Dog leashes, just like collars, are great tools to help you control your Shih Tzu. Dog leashes differ in materials, lengths and styles. When buying leashes, choose which one is right for your Shih Tzu. Chain and woven nylon leashes are strong, however, nylon cannot withstand chewing if your dog is fond of that. It is therefore a great idea to use chain leashes if you haven’t dealt with your dog’s chewing behavior.

Being the alpha dog is a heavy burden to bear. When dogs lived in the wild in packs, the alpha dog was the one who would make all the decisions. If the pack came under attack – for example, by another predator – the alpha was the one who’d have to act first and all the other dogs would take their cues from the alpha. If your Shih Tzu isn’t sure who’s the boss in the house,your Shih Tzu will get pretty stressed out because your Shih Tzu is not sure whether he is meant to be making all the decisions, or whether he should be following you. Not knowing where your Shih Tzu stands is a difficult situation for your Shih Tzu to be in.

Your Shih Tzu will be much happier and more relaxed if your Shih Tzu doesn’t feel that he is the alpha, and thus have to dictate terms.

An alpha dog would NEVER reward another dog for no good reason. Alpha dogs simply expect good behavior at all times. This is why you shouldn’t reward your Shih Tzu for no apparent reason; our Shih Tzu must earn his rewards. Before your Shih Tzu gets a treat, he has to do something for you: for example, before letting him go outside, make him sit and wait for you to go through the door first (another example of good alpha behavior).

When trained properly, Shih Tzu make loyal and intensely companionable family pets. It’s not difficult to train a Shih Tzu; you merely need to be consistent, patient, and firm.