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September 10, 2010

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Puppies - Dog Toys for Bichon Frise Puppies

Bichon Frise

Dog toys are important to your Bichon Frise puppies‘ playtime, and should be kept away from his crate and out of the way of the household. Stay away from vinyl toys, as pieces tend to break off and could be swallowed. Also be careful with any dog toy that has a squeaker mechanism inside for the same reason. Rawhide bones are okay, just remember to purchase rawhide bones that is proportional to the size of your Bichon Frise puppy. Filled bones are also very popular, as well as nylon bones. If it has eyes, a nose, or strings of any kind, don’t even look at it. Any of those can break off and be swallowed. For more information about Bichon Frise, please go to Bichon Frise Club of America.

Bichon Frise might refuse to play with dog toys. I would start by just havg one dog toy that he can become attached too, very often dogs are overwhelmed with an abundance of dog toys and dog treats and is results in them not bothering with anything. Forget commercial dog treats. Use natural dog treats from his tray, such as organic dog biscuits. If you want to go with dog toys, Kong Dog Toys is a good choice for your Bichon Frise.

The dog toys made with Latex over the other vinyl and rubber toys are recommended for Bichon Frise. I think that if your Bichon Frise chews and swallows pieces of the Latex that this may be less harmful than the other materials. Also for pull toys, your Bichon Frise loves the Booda “rope” Tugs.

Dog Toy for Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Fish Dog Toy

Bichon Frise Ethical Latex Dog Toy

Dog Treats

August 2, 2010

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier, so-called “West Highland Terrier” or “Westie” particularly loves dog treats made from beef, chicken, lamb and rice such as Bully Sticks, Greenies, Dog Beef Jerky, Chicken Dog Treats, Lamb Treats…etc. Westies are very sensitive, so make sure to give the right dog treats. Dog treats for West Highland Terrier should always be the “big” ones so that it takes a long time to get a small piece in their mouth. A West Highland White Terrier can get small pieces stuck in their throat and the raw hide can wear a hole through the esophagus. The chews become soft and can also get stuck in the roof of the mouth. Dog treats such as pig ears and raw hides are not good for West Highland White Terrier. West Highland Terrier is generally behaved around children, however, Westie can become restless when excited.

Bully Sticks vs Rawhide

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April 11, 2010


Rawhide dog treats are available in a huge variety of sizes for both puppies and larger dogs, shapes that range from bones to twists and ties, and flavors including chicken, beef, lamb and duck.

The biggest advantage of rawhide is how affordable it is. Available both individually and in bulk, rawhide dog treats can cost less, while lasting for weeks and sometimes even months at a time. You can buy rawhide online at Gibdog Pet Supplies.

Rawhide dog treats are often criticized for a number of different reasons, not the least of which is the choking hazard they can present if broken into smaller pieces through use and the inability of most dogs to actually digest the rawhide they do ingest, instead having pass through their digestive tract where it can cause damage if there are sharp ridges on the ingested piece. Because of this, more and more dog owners are turning to dog treats that don’t present a choking hazard and that can be digested by their pets as they would their food.

Bully Sticks

Due o the panic caused by contaminated pet food in 2007, natural dog treats and chew grew rapidly. Because of that, bully sticks have grown in popularity with pet owners all over the country in search of dog treats that they feel comfortable with and that their dogs will enjoy. buy dog treats at Gibdog natural dog treats shop.

Unlike rawhide treats, bully sticks are made from the beef of the cow, not the hide, allowing for it to be digested and processed by the dog as it would their food instead of passing it through their system like rawhide. Much like rawhide, bully sticks are available in numerous sizes, from just a few inches for smaller breeds to nearly a yard long for larger dogs, styles including braided bully sticks as a way to work the teeth and jaw muscles, and flavors that include chicken treats for dogs and lamb treats for dogs among others.

Much like rawhide treats, bully sticks can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the treat given to the dog, and while with larger breeds and rawhide you have to be wary of the choking hazard from broken pieces, bully sticks are easily digested by breeds both large and small and won’t chip and break to present a choking hazard like rawhide

Which One to Choose, Bully Stick or Rawhide?

The trend of dog treats and chews seems to be moving more towards bully sticks simply because of their status as an all natural treat that can be digested just like food without any worry of contamination. With plenty of flavors, sizes, and styles to suit every size and type of dog, bully sticks are quickly taking the place of rawhide on the aisles of pet supply stores around the country. Buy bully sticks today!

October 7, 2008
dog treat butcher

Have you ever thought about what owners fed their dogs before dog kibble was invented, or how they rewarded their pups before dog treats were made? Many people do, and they may surprised to learn that back in the old days no one made all natural dog treats, or chicken-flavored biscuits for dogs. In fact, canine treats weren’t even originally made for dogs.Nearly 200-years ago a London butcher sot to expand his business. So he baked some biscuits to sell along side his butchered beef. But when he tasted the biscuits, he found they weren’t too good and he fed them to his dog. The butcher was so encouraged by his dog’s love for the biscuits he decided to continue baking them for other dogs.

In 1908 an American businessman bought the recipe from the butcher and headed back to the continent to found what is know known as the Milk Bone dog biscuit company. Today Milk Bone is just one of the many companies marketing baked treats to pets.

Lamb Dog Treats

Author: gibbywmu
September 10, 2008
Lamb Treats

An irresistible new creation of dog chews that every dog is sure to love! All Natural Lamb Treats are made in the USA.  These brand new treats consist of lamb weasands, lamb hearts, lamb hock bones, lamb pizzle twists, lamb triple chips, and lamb ears.  These are sure to keep the attention of your dogs at all times! Perfect for small dogs, but even the big dogs love these! 100% digestible, low in fat, and high in protein and glucosamine (for promoting healthy joints) they provide maximum chew time for small dogs. They are a great choice for an all-natural lamb chew.  Any lamb chew will help clean teeth and gums because of the chewing action required to eat the treats.

This is an entirely brand new generation of dog treats for the all natural dog treat market.  These lamb dog treats are the next generation of rawhide alternative products. A very natural and smart way to keep your dog busy the safe and healthy way!

Please visit our website for further product details.

Winning Her Over

Author: PetCare81
September 4, 2008
all natural dog treats

We got some all natural dog treats for Sarah so that she might be less inclined to bark at us when she sees us on the lawn.  It has been months now that she has been doing this and it didn’t seem to be something that would abate by itself.  So we went out and got the treats.

We even went over to the neighbor’s house to explain our new game plan.  Well, she ate the treats and even though she seemed happy and isn’t really scared of us anymore, Sarah continued to bark.  I wonder what we are doing wrong.  I’m starting to think that it has turned into a sort of game for Sarah.